Doomsday Cometh || Seblaine

Sebastian knew there was so much more to their interactions than he could put into words. His every touch and interaction, his every word, his every look would all be compounded and put into something bigger, something more meaningful. Biche would analyze and dissect each and every thing they did together because he was still fighting to understand, fighting for a way to process what things meant. Being deprived of a normal upbringing, normal social interactions, being deprived and genuine emotional contact had left the younger boy in a mental place where he was still playing catch up every day. Because of those limitations everything Sebastian did had to be thought through, he had to look at every word or touch from a million different viewpoints all in an effort to understand how Biche might see them—all in an effort to make sure he never felt unwanted or like he was ‘bad’. Words often failed Sebastian for that very reason. He was used to being brass and crass, saying exactly what was on his mind and anything even resembling…emotional or vulnerable feelings left him feeling uncomfortable and on edge. But touches he could do, picking Biche up, standing close to him, holding him close…all of those were things Sebastian knew he could do. Physical connections he was an expert at, but connections in general were not something he wasn’t very good at. He probably wouldn’t ever be good at it, and it was times like this when he knew Biche needed support and care and constant love and attention that Sebastian worried he wasn’t doing the right things for him. When Biche started to come back to him Sebastian continued running his fingers through his curls, smooth long passes as he tugged gently, scratching at his scalp, letting him feel every touch and pass as he waited for the boy to settle into his skin again. “So long as you try, you’ve already done it perfectly.” He murmured quietly, pressing a soft quick kiss to the corner of his lips.

“You’re already doing so well for me, Biche. Just keep hearing my voice, no matter what happens, I’m only a few steps away…and I’m not going to let those men anywhere close to you.” Binx gave a quiet bark as he let his big head rest on Biche’s knee, nose nudging at his hip. Sebastian gave a soft chuckle as he let one hand fall down to rub and scratch Binx’s head, “See? Binx here won’t either, and he’s going to be right beside you the entire time.” Binx barked softly in agreement as his tail wagged looking up at Biche as Sebastian scratched his head and played with the dog’s floppy ears. Sebastian knew that no matter what the dog would always protect Biche, and even if Sebastian couldn’t get to him or no command was given, Binx would immediately jump into action. No matter what tricks Mr. Anderson or his team of lawyers tried to pull, Binx would never let him near Biche, not as long as he was in the picture. He loved Biche as much as Sebastian did. He blinked in some confusion when Biche kissed his injured shoulder, glancing down at it with a quiet sigh as he shrugged. “You have no reason to be sorry, tiger.” Sebastian rubbed Biche’s side soothingly, he knew Biche blamed himself for the shoulder injury, but when it came down to it Sebastian knew it was his own stupidity and irrationally rational temper that had led to him injuring himself to this point. He kissed the top of his curly head humming softly, “Barely even bothers me right now, you know it’s only when it rains these days…I’m like an old man with arthritis, pretty soon I’ll even lose my hair and get all wrinkly and gross. You won’t want a thing to do with my old ass then.” He winked playfully at him, nipping at the end of his nose.

Blaine held tightly to the only person he felt ever truly understood him. His Bastian; the man holding just as tightly to him was more important to him than breathing. Listening to the sound of the other man’s heart helped Blaine regulate the beating of his own; the steady, deep drumming a lullaby in and of itself soothing further the frantic cadence of his own heart. Finally Blaine took another deep breath, his hand instantly moving to scratching lovingly at the big dog’s muzzle. The connection that the golden eyed boy had with the dog was something entirely unique and foreign to him. Though Bastian could tell almost instantly when the mop headed man’s mood took a turn for the worst, when his own mind betrayed him, Binx was able to tell almost before it happened. It was as if the dog could see where Blaine was mentally and tell where that path would take him; and he used that gift to tell his Bastian in one way or another. The dog pressed in closer, causing the younger man’s hand to move and his scratching to the fur just between his eyes. Pressed close between the two of them his golden eyes closed tighter and he listened to Bastian’s words. Blaine had to will himself to believe them. It wasn’t that he didn’t trust Bastian’s words or that he didn’t trust the green eyes man to tell him the truth; no, Blaine trusted Bastian utterly and wholly. What Blaine didn’t trust was himself. What if he failed? What if his hardest wasn’t hard enough? What if his best wasn’t good enough in this case? Blaine heart what the labcoats and other dominants throughout the compound said; heard how they saw how small and feeble, how weak he was. They marveled at his utter lack of strength. They were the ones that Bastian had told him to ignore. He had told him that they weren’t his friends. The smaller boy just had a hard time. They were dominants and he was programmed from birth to listen. It was an uphill battle for Bastian, he knew; and there was a small spot of self-loathing that Blaine harbored for the trouble he always seemed to cause his Bastian. Blaine, however, was distracted from his thoughts by the quick kiss and Bastian’s words; a faint chuckle found it’s way from the younger man’s lips, causing him to hide his face more into Bastian’s shoulder even as he shook his head. “I wouldn’t do that. You could have my hair.” Came his muffled reply, though he was still hiding his small smile. He could feel the sway of  the dog’s bdy as his massive tail swished; happy to hear the faint sounds of laughter from the small boy. The laughter had grown increasingly rare from him over the last few weeks and Binx seemed everjoyed to hear the sound once more.

The sound died almost as soon as it started, however, with the gentle knock that came at the big oak doors. From where he had his face hidden he could hear Marco and Jameson’s voices on the other side of the doors. Tension seemed to leak back into the boy’s small frame. He knew that the small amount of time they had alone before the case had been just that, a small amount of time. The trial had to start at some point, he knew that, but that didn’t mean that Blaine was anxious to get it started. There was no knowing how long the trial would be going on and that terrified the small man; to be fair most things lately had been terrifying him. He wasn’t sure how long he could be as brave as Bastian needed him to be. But he was going to try his hardest. Even if that meant he would end up breaking even more than he already was. He managed to peek an eye at the two hulking masses as they approached; neither of them anything short of mounds of walking muscle, even if one of them was tailored in a thousand dollar Armani suit. Blaine liked Marco, trusted him to keep Bastian safe when he couldn’t. He still felt a bit unsure of Jameson but he hadn’t done anything as yet to make Blaine dislike him; it was just his fear of unknown people. Over the last couple weeks Jameson had been coming by and spending time with both of them, Bastian and Blaine with Binx in tow, in the common rooms to try and help the younger of the two grow more accustomed and comfortable in his presence. It had started with the other man sitting across the room while Bastian tried to get Blaine to relax one night and watch Hocus Pocus; the golden eyed boy had been nervous the whole time, even though Bastian had told him what was going on, and he kept glancing over his shoulder at the other. The first day he was there Jameson didn’t say anything, just gave a nod of hello and kept his distance. Then from there he made little advances; the second day he brought a bag of chocolates and offered one to Blaine, who took the treat with Bastian’s encouragement. Though Bastian had ended up being the one to eat it as it had started melting in the golden eyed boy’s hand; but the step had been taken. Each day Jameson slowly started sitting closer and closer and speaking just a little bit at a time before Blaine was comfortable enough around him that he could sit on the same couch without him having some kind of attack. Binx sat between them, naturally, but it was better than nothing. He was still a bit unsure of Jameson but he wasn’t as scared of him now as when he had first met him. The last two days Jameson had spoken more with him than before; helping him understand the outline for what was going to happen for the most part. “We have about five minutes until everyone starts filing in to fill the stands. You and security should take your seats now. Blaine and I will be right here with Binx. Are you both ready?” Blaine shook his head as his fingers clutched at Bastian’s sides once more. Big, scared golden eyes peered up at him as he struggled to maintain the fragile look of calm that he had managed to obtain. He had promised to try and try he would; even if he suddenly felt frozen down to his bones. Fingers clutched at Bastian’s shirt to stop their sudden shaking. He could feel what little heat he had accumulated in the last few moments leaving him even as Binx tried to press in closer to him to try and comfort him as best he could. His time was up, now started the very thing that had been haunting his nightmares for weeks. Now his nightmares would come to life.

Doomsday Cometh || Seblaine

­­Sebastian held him close, arms tight around him as he helped work Biche back from the edge. He was sure there were doms out there that found his methods rudimentary or damaging, the use of power play or physical rewards was often seen as cheap and a way to just reaffirm the submissive natures of the boys they helped. But Biche was a special case, normal words and promises didn’t break through the walls the way a touch could—Sebastian had never been one for pretty words anyways. Touch and physical affection were the things he knew best, and because he knew this boy he knew that those touches were also the best way to break through to him. He shook his head at Biche’s quiet insistent pleas, pressing another gentle but firm kiss against his lips to quiet him. “Shh, you don’t have to apologize.” He made sure his voice was soft, not wanting to make Biche think he was angry or trying to punish him for anything. The little hair pulls and hard kisses were only meant to keep Biche focused and bring him back off of the edge he was teetering on, he wasn’t being punished for anything, but making sure Biche knew that was more difficult.“It wasn’t your responsibility to know if he would come or not, love. That’s on us, we should have been watching him more closely. We assumed that since he hadn’t come forward before he wouldn’t know…this was an error on our part, not yours.”

He made sure to keep his voice slow and calm, keeping just enough pressure on Blaine’s curls to make sure the younger boy was looking up at him. Sebastian couldn’t say with certainty that Biche was taking in everything he said, or that any of it was actually being processed, but at least the words were said and he’d be able to hold onto that when the doubts started creeping in again. There was little Sebastian wouldn’t do to try and make things better for Biche, if he could he’d have run away with him, hidden him from the world—from his father, all in an effort to make him happy and keep him safe. This trial was going to be hard, he couldn’t lie and say he wasn’t worried; because in truth, Sebastian Smythe was scared shitless. He sighed tugging Biche closer again, kissing him tenderly, nibbling lightly on his lower lip to try and calm him down further with constant touches and kisses to reaffirm how loved he was, how badly Sebastian needed and wanted him. “Stay with me, love, stay right here with me. Don’t go.” He murmured softly, his tone pleading as he nudged his nose tenderly against Biche’s quietly imploring him to stay focused on the here and now. Sebastian slowly shifted them until he could lift Blaine up to sit him on the edge of the defense table, gently nudging his legs apart until Sebastian could stand between his thighs, pressed in close again. “We’ve practiced this, love, can you remember your breathing trick for me? In through the nose for five counts, out through the mouth for ten. You close your eyes and breathe long and slow, bring your heart rate down and focus on the sound of your breathing and the promise that the minute this is done we’re going to the beach for a whole month. Just you and I. No matter what tricks the lawyers pull, there is no time limit on how quickly you have to answer. So you take your time, breath until you’re steady again—focus on what you want to say, what you’ve told me, and you talk to me. Ignore them…just talk to me.”

With every single touch, every little press of bodies and lips, every tug of hair, Blaine was brought in closer. With each of his Bastian’s touches he felt himself backing away from the very precipice of danger; his toes no longer caused the brittle remnants of the cliff edge to break off and fall into the vast nothingness below. His Bastian was like a beacon of hope for him; a blazing light, warm and loving, that was calling him home. Bastian just being Bastian was the best thing for the boy on the edge. Closing those large golden eyes allowed Blaine to focus on the man before him alone. Without his sight to distract him the shorter boy could feel the heat rolling off of him; the familiar scent washing over him, wrapping around him like a comforting shield. It shocked him a bit when Bastian picked him up and settled him on the table; not at all because he didn’t trust the man but rather because, with his eyes closed, Blaine hadn’t been expecting it. The simple act had merely surprised him. But it was a good surprise because it cause him to take yet another step back from the darkness before them. With his Bastian by his side Blaine felt like he could try and weather any storm. Opening his eyes briefly allowed the golden eyed boy to see his Bastian, features soft for the moment, and he saw Binx sitting beside them as well. This was his support group; the two souls in the world that he would do absolutely anything for. And right now that ‘anything’ was calming down again. The curly haired boy knew the daunting reality of the situation they were facing; and it terrified him. If he couldn’t pull himself together a very bad man was going to be allowed back into the world. Worse yet that very same man would try and hurt him again. Blaine could tae physical pain, he had been trained for years to do so, but he knew that the pain his former master would cause wouldn’t be strictly physical. In order for him to truly hurt the smaller boy the man knew that he would have to go after the ones that Blaine would do anything to protect. Blaine knew he would go straight after his Bastian and Binx. And, even though Blaine knew he was pretty much useless, he knew that that was something that he absolutely refused to let happen. This was his family, his heart and soul, and Blaine was willing to give up his own life to safeguard theirs.

The gentle words that came from his Bastian were enchanting and calming, allowing him to follow Bastian’s instructions. He took a long and deep breath; the count went over five but his lungs just felt like they couldn’t get enough. Once his lungs felt like they would explode if they took in anymore air he started a slow count as he released the air out through his nose. Even just on the first breath Blaine could feel his heart beat slowing. The rapid hammering was slowing down and he didn’t feel as though his chest was going to explode all over the room. Slowly his breaths evened and his body calmed; his hands still clutched at Bastian’s sides like they were the only thing keeping him there. Or, even still, it was almost as if he was holding on to make sure the taller man, his anchor to everything, wasn’t going to suddenly up and disappear on him. Opening his eyes was always a terrifying ordeal to Blaine; because what if he opened them one day and Bastian just suddenly wasn’t there anymore? That would crush him. But, like always, he could feel the taller man there. Even if his fingers hadn’t been pressed into his sides Blaine could feel the very presence of the other in front of him. Once he felt calmer Blaine nodded to show that Bastian that his words had actually sunk in. They had practiced, many times, with Bastian asking him random questions that might pop up in the trial and just having him talk about it. They had even had a few of the other doms come in to help out and ask some questions as well. Those questions had been easy enough but answering them from a stranger was the hard part. But they had worked at that; they had taken their time to help Blaine learn how to focus his breathing and look only at Bastian. They just had to pray it worked as well in the court room as out. Blaine nodded. “I…I can try. I can’t….can’t promise to do it perfect…..” He stammered softly. Though he had started to lift his head up again; a sign that he was coming back to himself. The only sign of fear still in him in the way that he still clutched at Bastian’s sides and the way that he wouldn’t even meet Bastian’s own eyes. He was still so worried that if everything went south that Bastian would get hurt. Blaine couldn’t let that happen, not ever. His hand slowly slid up to Bastian’s arm to settle on the shoulder which he had injured because of Blaine. Blaine sniffled faintly as he rubbed at the shoulder gently, chewing on his lip hard. It was his fault that Bastian’s shoulder still bothered him to this day and that ate away at him. This wasn’t just some scrape or bruise that could fade away in time; this was an injury that continued to pain Bastian to this day. He had seen the way he favored his shoulder every now and then, Bastian couldn’t hide that from him. Slowly golden eyes raised and met those steady green. “I am sorry, Bastian.” He kept rubbing at his shoulder gently; trying to impart what little comfort and relief he could.

Doomsday Cometh || Seblaine

Sebastian tightened his arm around Biche’s shoulders, hand gripping the top of Biche’s arm as he pressed him into his chest trying to help keep him close enough to slow the shaking. He didn’t care if Cooper was stupid enough to try and take a swing at him with all of these witnesses, the only thing he cared about was trying to keep Biche safe. Right now the danger of him passing out due to hyper-ventilating was more of a concern to Sebastian than some rich boy with a temper. He used his leg to push Binx back a step until the dog got the message and curled around Biche’s legs, head pressed up against his hip even as he kept growling in warning at Cooper. Sebastian didn’t take his eyes off of Cooper as the man prowled and shouted, he was starting to regret not agreeing to Marco’s idea that he carry a gun—but he’d never been fond of the things even if he was an excellent shot. Even as Biche continued sobbing and babbling into his chest Sebastian had to force himself to not look away from Cooper—he wouldn’t be able to protect Biche if Cooper rushed them or attacked them while he was distracted. He didn’t react as Cooper carried on with his tirade, letting the man wrap himself up in his own anger as he focused on keeping Biche close to him. As soon as he knew Marco had Cooper’s attention Sebastian bent his head to whisper in Biche’s ear wrapping both arms tight and firm around him, locked like a vice. “Shh, my love, I’m not angry. You don’t have any reason to apologize…I should have known, this is on my shoulders, not yours. You did exactly as I asked, I promise, I’m so proud of what you’ve done for me already.” Sebastian kept up his stream of quiet assurances as he held Biche close to his chest.

Sebastian kept murmuring quietly in Biche’s ear as he let the others deal with Marco, wrapping bodily around the smaller boy as he tried to bring him some form of grounding. Marco kept his voice soft as he finally turned to Sebastian, “He ain’t wrong, kid. He’s not going to be in any shape for a jury like this…you’ve got to get him calmed down or else we’re done before we even start.” Sebastian nodded as he gripped Biche tighter before glancing at Marco, “There are cameras in here, and I had them turned on just in case. Get the footage and take it to the team, Jameson will know what to do with it.” Marco raised an eyebrow as he glanced around the courtroom, only just noticing the red lights on the security cameras before he shook his head, clasping a hand on Sebastian’s shoulder, “You did good, kid. Now get him leveled out or else none of it will matter.” Sebastian nodded as Marco squeezed his shoulder hard before he cleared the room out again to give the pair space, this time position men right in front of the doors with the express threat that if anyone besides him tried to go inside, they were to shoot first. Sebastian waited until he heard the lock click in the double doors before he held Biche as close as possible. “Okay, my love, I’m here. I’ve got you and everything is going to be just fine…but right now I need you to focus on me.” He rubbed his hand firmly between Biche’s shoulder blades before sliding a hand into his messy curls gripping tight. He tugged just hard enough to be certain Biche would feel it and react to it—the sharp pain that would help snap him back into the moment and out of the chaos in his head, when Biche kept breathing unevenly to the point of looking like he was going to pass out Sebastian tugged harder on his curls until he could tip his head back, “Breathe.” He ordered in a firm tone before kissing him soundly, he knew keeping Biche from breathing for a quick moment with a hard kiss would result in him actually being able to breathe again. It was a weird trick, but one that worked for panic attacks, at least one that seemed to work for the boy in his arms on the occasions he had a full on attack.

To any onlookers, save for Marco, it would have looked like the golden eyed boy was a complete and utter lost cause; he was pale, babbling and was barely able to stand on his own two legs. Truth be told if his Bastian hadn’t been holding him so tightly against his chest he probably would have collapsed into a boneless mess on the floor of that courtroom. Bastian, his anchor, was all that kept him in the room; all that kept his feet firmly planted in the here and now. Though, he was so emotionally ramped up that he didn’t notice that Cooper had left; he didn’t even notice when Marco had come up alongside them. Blaine’s brain didn’t even register the words that were exchanged between the two taller men either. The mop headed boy was only able to focus on his shame that he hadn’t thought to include everything he knew about Cooper in that infernal journal; that and the rapid unsteady drumming of his heart against his ribs. He even missed Marco’s growling exit. The one thing he was unable to miss, however, was the way that his Bastian’s fingers tugged hard enough on his curls to force his head back and the hard, searing kiss that absolutely took Blaine’s breath away. Touch and feel, the most intimate form of communication that he shared with his Bastian. It was the one way that they understood each other without a shadow of a doubt or miss communicated. And it was that communication that helped his Bastian to pull him back from the brink of self-destruction in the courtroom. Blaine felt ashamed that he had let Cooper that far into his mind and under his skin. But, even all these years later, Cooper still knew every trigger to touch upon to send the small curly haired boy into an absolute tailspin of a frenzy.

Blaine’s hands clutched at Bastian’s under shirt as his body automatically started relaxing into the commanding kiss. The shocking lack of oxygen had done what Bastian had intended it to do; it had shocked Blaine into reality, into the here and now, and it had done so in a way that helped remind him that he was here with someone who loved him in spite of everything that had happened in his life. Wide golden eyes looked up at those comforting green and it was then that it clicked in his head that they were along again. His breathing was still uneven but it had finally started to come back down. This was his Bastian’s way of showing him that he was there with him and that he wouldn’t let anything tear them apart. This was his Bastian’s way of reminding him that he was okay and loved and wanted. Blaine’s hands kneaded at the warm skin beneath Bastian’s shirt, his body still shaking slightly as he pressed into the taller man for warmth. “I’m sorry….Bastian’s I’m sorry.” He mumbled softly to him, nowhere near the frenzied babble of mere minutes ago. “I should have….he should have been in the journal. I just..he wasn’t…I didn’t think he would come….” He felt himself start shaking a little harder again and had to press himself even more firmly into Bastian to try and stop it again. He closed his eyes as his head fell back heavily into Bastian to try and stop it again. He closed his eyes as his head fell back heavily into the taller man’s hand before he lifted it again to feel that brief tug of curls in Bastian’s fingers. That little sharp pain once more helped to bring him back down. This was only a temporary fix, Blaine knew. Because Bastian couldn’t be up on the stand with him. The taller man wouldn’t be there to keep him physically grounded; just Binx would be allowed to sit with him. Blaine managed to take a breath and bit his lip, hard. “How do I do this? Bastian I…what if this….this happens up there?” He hiccupped as he bit harder on his lip to try and further get himself under control. He needed Bastian like he needed oxygen and they said he couldn’t be up there with him or even at the table. How was he supposed to do this? Absently he worried at his lip, the skin catching between his teeth How was he going to keep from having yet another exhausting panic attack? Blaine looked down in shame at that thought. He could only imagine, if he was exhausted after his attacks, how exhausted his Bastian was after them.

Doomsday Cometh || Seblaine

The tension radiating off of Biche was almost palpable. Sebastian could feel the anxiety, fear and pure hatred coming off of the younger boy in sheer waves as he clung to him. Sebastian kept his arms tight around Biche before shifting him just slightly under one arm so he had his other arm free—just in case. There was never any knowing what someone like Cooper Anderson might do. Sebastian knew very little about the Anderson heir, a result of spending too much time focused on the elder Anderson, he could see now that had been a mistake. Another mistake in a long line of mistakes Sebastian seemed to make when it came to Biche’s safety and well-being, for a half-second he couldn’t help wondering if Biche wouldn’t have been better off with someone better than he was—but that person was most assuredly not Cooper Anderson. “The only mangy mutt in this room is you, a product of the bastard monster you call father. Don’t worry, they have therapy programs to help fix that problem.” Sebastian kept his voice as clipped and cold as possible while still soothing a hand over Bice’s back, he didn’t want Biche to confuse the cold and hard tone in his voice as anger directed at him. His retort to Cooper’s idea that his father was a good man was cut short as he heard Biche’s quiet, terrified plea in his ear. He shook his head quickly, “No Biche, he won’t come any closer.” Sebastian kept his voice soft and gentle a stark contrast compared to the harder tone he used when talking to Cooper. He glanced down at Binx as the dog growled and kept his hackles up, teeth bared, head lowered in a menacing stance. Sebastian pressed a quick gentle kiss to the top of Biche’s carefully styled curls as he pressed him in closer over his heart, glaring at Cooper again. “Your father is the furthest thing from a good man you can get without calling him the scum that he is. The justice the boy receives at the end of this will be seeing that monster locked away for the rest of his life—and you’ll be lucky if I don’t press for the same charges against you for this little stunt. Not to mention whatever you might have done in the past.”

Sebastian murmured the barely concealed threat as he narrowed his eyes at the man. He had no doubt Cooper had been involved, had done things, was very likely still doing horrid things to a slave no one knew about—and he was kicking himself for not pressing for more details about the man when Biche had mentioned him in his journals. But all mention of Cooper been half comments, hidden truths and shielded by distractions that Sebastian hadn’t pushed for more was his newest regret—he should have never let Biche hide the things this man had done from him. He’d let Biche give him the run around, and now he had no idea what this man was truly capable of. He should have been a better caregiver, should have known there was more to the story. Sebastian forced himself into focusing, forced himself back into the present to try and manage this situation. He could hear Marco and the others on the other side of the door, and he knew help wasn’t far away, he just had to keep stalling, keep Biche safe for long enough that Cooper’s threats wouldn’t matter. “Make it worth my while?” Sebastian raised an eyebrow barely managing to contain his amusement at the audacity that came with that kind of statement. After a moment of letting Cooper talk himself in circles he did have to let out a short laugh, “That’s where you’re wrong. I want him to have his justice. I want him to be safe. And more than all of that, I want him. So you and that monster can keep your money—I have more than enough, and what you can do is leave this room now before I let the men about to come in here beat you to a pulp. Because I can assure you, I won’t step in to stop it, and in fact, I will look forward to breaking that expensive looking nose for you.” Sebastian gave him a sarcastically crooked smirk even as Binx barked loudly at him, jerking forward even despite Biche’s tight grip on his fur. He glanced at the main doors as they were thrown open by Marco, glancing back at Cooper with a nod, schooling his face in an expression of bored concern, “And by the by…I’d suggest not speaking so ill of your own mother, Cooper. Jurors won’t appreciate that kind of disrespect— especially of the dead.”

Blaine shook hard and cried out in protest when Binx lunged at his half-brother; he knew that if Binx got close enough it was possible for Cooper to try and hurt him. Blaine couldn’t have that; so he tightened his grasp on Binx’ fur and his leash. At least he hoped that that would keep the beloved dog as close to him as possible. Blaine just had to keep telling himself that help was on the way. Despite the fact that Blaine felt utterly helpless he just had to tell himself that Marco and the others were only a few seconds away. When they arrived it would mean that his Bastian and Binx were safe from harm. As it was, Blaine was kicking himself for every detail he had left out of the book about Cooper. Though it hadn’t been intentional on his end. He had been told to write about everything his ex-Master had done to him, and that is what he had written about. Has he even thought for one second that Cooper would appear and start making himself a factor in the case Blaine would have given his Bastian all the information in his little brain that he possessed about Cooper. “I didn’t-didn’t know!” He whispered frantically into Bastian’s chest. “I didn’t know h-he would be here. I’m sorry….would’ve written more…..would’ve told you….I’m sorry! Bastian, I’m sorry!” Blaine could feel himself pushing further and further into oblivion and the further he fell the tighter he clutched onto his anchors. He jumped when he realized that Marco and the others had finally made it into the room; only faintly registering in his growing hysterics that the cavalry had finally arrived. Though, that only helped a little bit as the golden eyed and mop headed boy was busy apologizing his heart out to the man he loved for not giving him all the information he had on every member of the Anderson family. Blaine didn’t even hear the threats that Cooper was throwing back at Bastian and the security. “Touch me and I’llsee each and every one of your asses in jail.” The taller man hissed. Just as soon as he hissed he was smirking and moving closer. “And just where would the little bastard be without his protectors? Oh please, let’s see what happe-“

Cooper’s words and advance were cut short when Bastian’s words sunk in. “That little bitch wasn’t my mother. Your research was wrong. There is no way in hell that that little runt is related to me at all. Just look at him!” He hissed again as his anger carried him a step closer to the pair before Marco was stepping between them. “I suggest you stop right where you are. Unless, of course, you want to be up on some harassment charges yourself. And judging by the level of anxiety in the room from the boy alone I can tell you you’d lost the case. So, your move Anderson.” Marco stood menacingly in front of him; almost as if he was daring him to take another step forward. At this point more security had started to file into the room and just the sheer bodies stepping between him and his targets caused Cooper to take several steps back from Bastian and Blaine. It didn’t seem to help the meltdown that the golden eyed boy was devolving into in Bastian’s arms, however. Cooper, seeing this, just smirked. “I’ve already done what I came in here to do, anyway. You really thing that the jury and the judge are going to take the word of a worm that breaks at a few harsh words? And , believe me, he will break even further in front of them. I guarantee that.” Cooper kept his smirk even as he finally allowed security and his father’s laywers pull him back out of the room. Blaine, for his part, was shaking and clutching at his Bastian’s shirt as he buried his face in the taller man’s shoulder; mumbling softly, repeatedly. “B-Bastian! I’m sorry. I sh-should have written…should have…” Blaine’s face paled a bit more before turning almost a sickly shade of green; trying to hide his face more as he got so worked up he was causing his stomach to try and heave up what little food he had managed to eat that morning. He couldn’t do that, he knew how much Bastian was worrying about him and he didn’t want to make it any worse. He made a small, choking noise, muffled by the fabric of Bastian’s shirt as he tried to regain control of himself; which was hard when he felt like his body was on fire and his lungs burned with each rapid breath he tried to drag in.

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You're the greatest Blaine writer I've ever seen. I'm so in love with you!

OOC: Well, I’m just going to go over here and be a blushing fool. Thank you, nonnie! Though, I must say I think you made my Bastian a little jealous. No worries though, I’m not going anywhere!


Doomsday Cometh || Seblaine

Sebastian tried to hold Biche as close and secure as he possibly could. There was little he could do in terms of words—what words could anyone possibly offer to make any of this easier? But he could hold him, hold him in close and infuse every ounce of warmth and support he could into each little touch. It wasn’t much, but for the moment it was the only thing he could do. Humming softly as he tucked his cheek against Biche’s temple, lips brushing the top of his ear as he hummed the quiet lullaby, mixing the familiar tune with melody he’d been teaching Biche on piano over the last months, the same melody that haunted both of their dreams, the melody from Biche’s past—his angel’s song. He swayed slowly, arms locked tight around the smaller boy as he rubbed and massaged his fingers and palm between his wide shoulder blades, Biche didn’t see it but he’d begun growing since he’d been with Sebastian, and not just mentally. He was getting wider, muscles forming where before there’d only been wiry lanky limbs and sinewy joints, muscles and a solid girth that spoke of a growing body, a healthy body. That alone helped soothe Sebastian’s base fears, anyone that saw the photos of Biche as he had been when he came into the facility, the photos the jury would see today, versus the boy in front of them know would know…this was a boy who was finally being well and truly taken care of. He sighed quietly, he could feel Biche’s heart racing, the way his body shook with anxiety. He hadn’t meant to make him more upset by mentioning the other Doms that would be in attendance, only that they would be faces Biche had at least come across in his day-to-day movements, faces that would be grounding in some sense. “Jeff will be here, he’s Nick’s dom, the one that sat in on your sessions in the rec room?” Sebastian figured giving the name of one of the doms Biche was more familiar with might help.

“Other than him there will be Carter, Rick, Sam and some of the others that have been around the rec rooms during our free hours.” Sebastian knew there more names than Biche would be able to put with faces, but they were names and faces he’d seen during their brief trips into the rec rooms and social areas while they worked on getting him comfortable around others. “They’re here to support us, support you. They aren’t here to judge anyone except that man—they know how horrible of a Master he was, and they know you are meant to be taken care of, meant to be taken care of by me.” Sebastian moved his head back just enough to look down at him, meeting Biche’s eyes, “I’ve told you, and will continue telling you: you are not a bad slave, or a bad boy. You did everything that was asked of you, you were taken advantage of and treated inhumanely by a cruel and heartless man. There is nothing wrong with you, and there never has been. You are such a good boy, Biche.” He pressed a kiss to his forehead whispering softly, “My good boy. They aren’t going to take you from me, they’re coming here to show support…to help keep us together.” Sebastian tilted his head a little bit at Biche’s eager questions, the glint of hope that filled those amber eyes at the idea of running away to their own private world, safe and sound. “I promise, we’ll go somewhere safe and warm, somewhere where the waves touch the sky and clouds fill the horizon.” He rubbed Biche’s back, “One day we’ll move far away to a dream home on the beach, a home we create together. We—….” Sebastian’s promises were cut off by the intrusion of the shouting man, making him growl, a sound that was echoed by Binx as both he and the dog crowded around Biche. Sebastian felt a little tripped up by Biche’s attempt to put his own body between the men before Sebastian was able to turn them side ways enough to keep him out of harms way as he signaled to Binx for the dog to stand in front of them keeping the taller man back. Binx’s hackles were raised as he bared his teeth and growled menacingly. Sebastian’s eyes swept over the man, it wasn’t hard to put two and two together—he looked just like his father, but he was thrown off just a little, he’d had no idea Anderson’s son would be coming, the thought had never even crossed his mind since he’d been such a minimal part of Biche’s past as far as he knew. “Mr. Anderson this courtroom is closed until the hearing. Leave now or I’ll be calling for the bailiffs to haul you off for witness tampering and harassment. I’ll see you in jail right alongside that bastard father of yours.”

Everything seemed to be pushing in on Blaine the closer Cooper got; and the golden eyed boy hated it. He was already on edge and Cooper’s presence was just pushing him all the further towards his breaking point. More than anything, though, Blaine hated that Cooper was here. Blaine had hoped that his half-brother would be too busy doing anything else to come, especially since the elder man had no idea that they were related. Growing up Cooper was always told that the golden eyed boy was nothing more than an orphaned bastard of his father’s mistress made wife; the orphaned bastard that he so generously allowed to live in his house after his ‘bitch mother’ had died. The shorter boy was always told that, under no uncertain terms, Cooper was to never find out he was a blood relative. Blaine’s father had his prodigal son, the cherished boy, and he wasn’t going to let Blaine’s very existence screw up his family line. The golden eyed boy was a blemish on his family tree that he would do everything in his power to erase. Not to mention that Cooper was every bit his father’s son; growing up Blaine had been Cooper’s play thing and he had been used to show Cooper how to be a ‘proper’ Master. The smaller boy shook all the more harder at the very idea that someone else could possibly be going through what he had gone through. If Cooper was here and everything came out in the light like he knew they would he was sure the older man could get violent; and Bastian would be behind that partition wall with him. The very idea had Blaine’s hands clutching tighter at his Bastian’s shirt; feeling the material tighten beneath his fingers as the intruder glowered at them. “Shut that mangy mutt up or I will. This street rat has no right to this trial! My father is getting punished, harshly, for being a good man. I don’t know what lies this scum has told you but he isn’t worth the air he used to speak them!” Cooper snarled as he paced before them, almost as if he was a caged animal. “I’m not leaving until this charade is over. I want to see his face when he loses and gets the justice he has coming to him. He’s trying to drag a good, proud name down in shame. He’s no better than the dog in front of me.” Cooper continued growling. Blaine hid his face in his Bastian’s chest as he tried to make himself as small as possible. “B-Bastian, please, don’t let him get closer. I don’t want him near us…please? He’ll hurt us.” He whispered, his voice so soft that he hoped Cooper wouldn’t hear him. He trusted Bastian and Binx to keep him away but he didn’t want them getting hurt either; and he knew that Bastian wouldn’t let him get between them and Cooper. Golden eyes closed as he tried to drown out the sound of Cooper’s yelling with the blessed rhythm of Bastian’s heartbeat.

His fingers tightened even further in Bastian’s shirt when he heard the loud, angry, noises coming from outside the large wooden doors and a voice that sounded remarkably like Marco, except an incredibly angry Marco like he’d never heard before. The smaller boy could feel the fabric of Bastian’s shirt starting to strain to the point of almost ripping; and that scared him. The last thing Blaine wanted to do was add to the anxiety of everything by ripping the fine shirt. With a stuttering breath he forced himself to loosen his grip; his other hand tangling lightly in the scruff on Binx’ neck. He could feel his own anxiety vibrating back at him through the dog beneath his hand; the anxiety that only grew, with the addition of a cold chill, when he heard the bubble of angry laughter that came from Cooper. It was even bad enough that it caused a small and terrified sob to rip itself from Blaine’s throat before it was closing in fear. “Drop the case, Mr. Smythe. You and I both know you want to. That little piece of trash isn’t worth your time or your effort. I’ll even make it worth your while. Everyone gets sick of him after a short amount of time, so just hand him over to us; let us take care of him. I’ll even pay you well over what he’s valued at.” Cooper tried bargaining with his Bastian, though it sounded just this side of frantic as the noise on the other side of the large doors started growing increasingly louder. “No one really wants him. Let me just save us all a huge hassle here.” Cooper kept trying to inch closer to the pair of them but every step he took caused Binx to snarl all the more menacingly at him; eventually Binx’ snarling got to the taller man so much that he finally snapped just a little bit. “I’ll even pay you extra to put that filthy mutt down for good.” Blaine’s fingers tightened in Binx’ fur as he made it so that the dog was pressed closer in, pushing right up against his legs where Blaine could do his best to keep Cooper from doing any hard to the loved creature. As much as his half-brother scared him he would not let him hurt either Binx or Bastian while he still had breath left in his body. Even knowing that he wouldn’t be much more than a speed bump when it came to standing up to Cooper, after having spent a good chunk of his childhood being beaten by the other man, Blaine knew that it would at the very least give those he loved enough time to get as far away from the menacing man as possible. Anything to save them. Hearing Bastian’s voice, actually listening to his words, reassured Blaine that his Bastian was right there with him and that, no matter what, he would always be there. Now if only they could get through this new level of hell perhaps they had a chance to succeed at the ‘forever’ that they had both promised each other.

Doomsday Cometh || Seblaine

 Sebastian would be lying if he’d said that he wasn’t terrified every minute Biche was even so much as a foot out of his eye line these last few weeks. He trusted Biche to come to him for help, but he knew the distress and fear of the trial was eating at all of the work they’d done and every bond they’d built together. As the court date had drawn closer Sebastian had noticed more and more worrying ticks and behaviors. Biche had stopped eating, stopped communicating when he was scared or overwhelmed, and at points had stopped talking to Sebastian all together. It took every trick and skill Sebastian had in his arsenal to start getting through to him, he’d had to feed Biche small bites of fruit by hand, all but manipulating him into eating to try and just get him to do something so they didn’t have to put him on another IV drip for nutrients. Sebastian had told Marco to take away anything that could be used as a weapon, taking away any non-essential glass or metal just in case. Biche had not once tried to punish himself or take control of his pain by self-inflicting pain since Sebastian had found him in a pool of blood after being subject to Marcus’s care. He trusted his Biche to not try to leave him, reminding him of their promises to each other, that no matter what they would always be together and he would never let anyone take Biche from him—not even Biche himself. Sebastian kept his arm wrapped around Biche’s shoulders, tucking him in close as he brushed his fingers along his jaw in soothing strokes. He felt Biche’s hand tighten at his waist before letting go quickly, he frowned in confusion until he realized the problem. “Hold on, love.” He kissed Biche’s forehead before letting go of him long enough to shrug out of his suit jacket and draping it over the wood paneling of the witness stand. “There, now you can hold on as tightly as you need.”

Sebastian slid both arms around Biche’s shoulders, pressing a quick light kiss to his temple and styled curls as he rubbed between his shoulder blades swaying them gently to try and help comfort him. When Biche started babbling in a downward spiral Sebastian held him in tighter as Binx leaned heavily against Biche’s side trying to add to the tactile comforts. “Shh, slow down, ma biche, slow.” He murmured softly in Biche’s hair trying to help bring him back down to a manageable level before he send himself into a full blown panic attack. He sighed as he continued swaying them slowly, “I can’t sit at the table with you, after you’ve given your statements on the stand then I can move to the table and sit beside you. The defense could argue that I am whispering and coaching you through what to say if I sit too close before you’ve been questioned on the stand. This way they can’t try to throw out anything you say against him.” He worked his fingers slowly into the contours between his shoulders as he kept him tucked close against his chest, trying to infuse as much calm and collected energy as possible into those touches, trying to help give Biche those same collected feelings. “I will be able to hold your hand no matter what, we’ve already cleared that with the judge and the jury has been instructed to discount it.” He kissed the top of Biche’s head as he sighed, “I’m sorry love but it will be fairly full in here…at least thirty people will be in the galley, and the twelve jurors. Many of the people in the galley will be familiar to you, security team and a few of the other dominants who have been in the common rooms with us. The others…unfortunately the others will be members of the press or people here in support of your ex-Master.” Sebastian sighed quietly as he pressed a soft kiss to his lips before whispering, “We have to do this…but when it’s all over it will be just you and I on our own private beach. A mini-vacation, just for us. No one will know where we are and we can spend as much time in the water that you want, swimming with the fish and collecting shells.”

When Bastian told him to hold on a moment and started to pull away his heart leapt into his throat; it was almost as if all the warmth in his body, or rather what little had managed to finally soak back into his system anyway, was suddenly yanked back away from him. He felt cold again and he was even closer to tears until he noticed that Bastian was simply shrugging off his jacket before he was being pulled back in and held close against his chest. The tears that had started to form quickly dried so as not to stain Bastian’s shirt; his head quickly pressing into the pillow of muscle between Bastian’s shoulder and chest. He could feel the cold sweat that was starting to over take him and how his shirt clung to his skin when the taller man’s fingers pressed into his back. He wasn’t going to complain though when it meant that Bastian was holding him tightly; his own hands clutching feebly at the taller man’s dress shirt. He squeezed his eyes shut hard as he just tried to shut his own mind up and listen to Bastian as he spoke. If his green eyed savior’s words were true, and Bastian did his absolute best not to lie to him ever, then he would be at that table without him only so long as it took for Blaine to be questioned by both sides. He wasn’t sure if that information made him feel better or worse; he was leaning towards worse since neither of them really knew how long this trial was going to go on for. Jameson had said that the particular defense attorney his ex-Master had obtained was known for drawing trials out to break witnesses. That very thought had Blaine terrified as well; the other attorney was going to actively try and break him on the stand, in front of every other person that was in the room. This man that he had never met and who was hellbent on giving him back to a man that wanted him destroyed was going to do his best to break him in front of a bunch of strangers. Blaine almost wondered if this whole inevitable ordeal would be easier to handle if he slipped back into his little sliver of subspace. Would it be easier to handle all the new faces? Would he help or hinder their cause if he was an emotionless sack of flesh? Blaine just pressed his face further into the heat of Bastian’s shoulder as he was bombarded by the questions in his own mind.

The closer he pressed to Bastian the closer he came to getting himself back under control; or at least as under control as he could get given the state of everything. He focused on Bastian’s words and touches to somehow keep himself anchored. The room wouldn’t be full of complete strangers, there would be people that he was at least familiar with. Blaine peeked wet golden eyes up at his savior. “Wh-which other dominants are c-coming? Wh-why?” He wasn’t sure if having them there was a good thing or not. These other doms would hear about how he was such a bad boy, how many times he was punished by his ex-Master and they would think he wasn’t worthy of Bastian. He shook harder against Bastian. “Everyone is go-going to know that I-I was a horrible h-horrible slave…” He bit down hard on his lip, hard enough that he tasted the metallic tang of blood. “Wh-what if they…what if I’m not good enough for you?” He shook with the force of his fear. He knew that Bastian would do everything in his power to stay with him but there was still that fear that someone would rip them asunder. His hands clutched harder at Bastian’s under shirt at the mere thought of being anywhere but in his Bastian’s arms. When the taller man mentioned running to their own private beach, with Binx running around with them, he felt calm, safe and alive; he felt warm and full of joy and love because he had his Bastian there with him. That was what he wanted; his home on the beach with his Bastian. “You…you promise? Can we…can we live there, please? Away fr-rom all of this?” He could feel the hope building slowly in his heart. If he could Blaine wanted to go as far away with Bastian, Binx and Marco as he possible good. Blaine jumped and pressed his face back into Bastian’s shoulder when he heard the large doors bang open and a loud, angry voice boom through the room. That voice was one the younger boy recognized; Cooper. If it was at all possible, Blaine stopped breathing. “How fucking dare you, you little shit! He took you and your whore mother in and let you stay there when you killed her!” Blaine was shaking as he tried to simultaneously  hide in Bastian’s chest by making himself smaller and turn them so that he was between Bastian and the approaching dark haired man to protect him. Binx beside him instantly started growling at the approaching figure.

Doomsday Cometh || Seblaine

Sebastian could see the way Biche was slowly losing control. Losing control of his own mind, losing the battle to be who he wanted to be versus who he’d been trained to be. He would give anything to ease the fear and terror he could see building inside of Biche, but there was little he could do outside of keeping him grounded. Even keeping him grounded was a tall order; in a situation like this Sebastian’s hands might as well have been tied completely. He felt useless and he knew that was only rubbing off more on the shorter boy. His own tension was only going to add to the stress and terror building up inside of Biche and he had to do his best to minimize that, to keep it from overwhelming him and consuming him whole. He frowned as he watched the way Biche’s golden eyes started clouding over, he knew that look,  it was the same one he’d gotten in the hospital when he’d realized Sebastian had gotten hurt trying to protect him. The same one that haunted his expression anytime Sebastian’s shoulder so much as twinged, the slightest reminder that he’d gotten hurt trying to protect or avenge Biche resulted in this same look. One of utter defeat, guilt and hopelessness—Sebastian tried to remind him that Biche wasn’t the one to hurt him, but he never listened to him. “Love…”

Sebastian sighed as he crossed the open space between the table and where Biche was still standing with Binx wrapped around his leg. He cupped Biche’s jaw, tilting his head up so he was looking up into his eyes, “We will get through this, together. I’m never going to let you go, that is a promise I will not break.” His voice was soft but firm as he watched Biche’s golden eyes, trying to put every ounce of his love and need for this boy in those few words. Biche liked to think the world would be better without him, but for Sebastian he had no life without him. He sighed softly as he ran his hand through Biche’s curls, careful not to disrupt the carefully styled locks but at the same time trying to give him those comforting touches that helped him bring himself back from the edge. He pressed a gentle kiss to his cheek as he nodded at the table where Biche and the lawyers would sit, “I’ll be sitting right behind you, on that bench just behind your chairs. Whenever you’re sitting there I will be able to reach out and hold your hand or press my hand against your back…I will make sure you understand I’m right there with you the entire time.” He glanced down at the dog as he let out an anxious sounding whine, the more upset Biche got the more agitated the dog became, licking at Biche’s hands trying to get him to pay attention to him. “Binx will stay by your side the entire time. Marco has his harness and lead which will go on him once the trial starts, he’ll come up on the stand with you too. So whenever you’re up here you will be able to hold onto Binx and look right at me, I promise.” Sebastian shook his head quickly, “He won’t be able to get to you or anyone else. Marco wouldn’t let that happen.”

The cold from Blaine’s arms had started working it’s way up through them and had started taking root in his chest; the tendrils of ice laying claim to his heart. If it wasn’t for Bastian and Binx by his side blaine would have just let himself get lost in the system. He wouldn’t have fought. He would have just as soon let his ex-Master, who might as well of been the devil himself here on earth, beat the life out of him if it would just make everyone happy. And that was Blaine’s tragic and fatal flaw; if it came own to it Blaine would willingly give his own life if it meant that it would make others happy and safe. But his Bastian wouldn’t let him go; he had told him just as much when he had found him curled up in a ball one morning not long ago. Bastian seemed to have been paying extra close attention to him in the recent week or two and Blaine had an inkling that it had a lot to do with the fact that the golden eyed boy had started forgetting to eat when he was writing that infernal journal; Blaine was sure that Bastian was making sure he didn’t go and do something self-destructive, even if unintentional. The golden eyed boy could feel the warmth radiating off of Binx as the dog licked anxiously at his hands and pressed in close to his legs; another creature he was letting down. The thoughts brought unbidden tears to his eyes. Binx loved him unconditionally and it killed Blaine a little bit inside that he, like his Bastian, could come to any harm because of him and his actions. The curly haired boy looked at the two beings in this world that he absolutely loved and he wanted to break down at the mere sight of them; he knew what it was that his ex-master was capable of and he knew that the man had no qualms about killing any and every one and thing in his way. The man went to any lengths to get what it was he wanted and Blaine couldn’t sit there and let the ones he loved end up as casualties because they stood between him and his ex-Master. Blaine’s body started shaking visibly as he watched Bastian get closer; tears welling even harder in his eyes as he shook with the force of will he was using to keep those tears from falling.

When his green eyed savior tilted his head up, his grasp on his jaw one of velvet wrapped steel, tears threatened to fall freely from his eyes. And Blaine fought to keep himself under control. He couldn’t cry, he wouldn’t; he had to be strong for his Bastian and that meant no fear and no tears. But Bastian’s words were the only real hope that the golden eyed boy had to anchor to. Without those words and the soft touches Blaine would be lost to the world. He took a stuttered breath as his one free hand reached out to clutch at the waist of Bastian’s jacket; instantly loosening his hold when he felt the material bunch and start to wrinkle beneath his fingers. Bastian’s words held him just as much as the touches kept him in place. “You can’t…can’t sit at the table with me?” He tried to press in closer to Bastian and hide himself against the other man; with Binx wheeling around his legs as if he was trying to herd him even closer to the taller man. “What if….what if they say I can’t hold your hand…or what if you can’t touch or…..” He had to stop speaking when he felt his airways closing up on him as he had started hyperventilating. His hand convulsed on Bastian’s waist as he tried to reign himself back in. He wanted to be anywhere but in that vacant and cold room. “H-how many people are going to be here? Do we….does there have to be a-a lot of people?” He stuttered out. Blaine looked around the room and shivered. “We-I-we have to do this?” He looked up at him with hope even though he already knew the answer. He knew that they had to do this; they had to do this so that hopefully this man would leave him alone.

Doomsday Cometh || Seblaine

Sebastian’s heart was breaking, but he couldn’t take away Biche’s pain or make this process any easier. He would refuse to let Biche testify or be involved at all if he could have. In fact, he was the only one—aside from his own father, who had the legal right to say whether or not Biche could be involved in the trial at all. Unfortunately this one was completely out of Sebastian’s control; they were fighting for the custody of Biche on top of fielding abuse charges at his father. The defense had instantly demanded Biche on the witness stand, of course it was just one more tactic for them to sandbag and take him away. Sebastian knew what they were planning, they would push Biche to the very edge, make him lose control and have an outburst in court so they could claim he was hysterical and mentally incompetent, negating the charges being levelled at Mr. Anderson. Sebastian refused to let that happen, and so even though it scared the shit out of him and he was worried this could break Biche past the point where he could save him, he also knew this was the only way they could save him. Sebastian was silent as he let Biche walk into the large room, watching him carefully as he walked down the aisle between benches to the front of the room where the witness stand sat gleaming in all of its polished glory in the muted morning light. It was a beautiful space, and for all of its beauty it was cold and terrifying, even to Sebastian, and he’d seen his fair share of court rooms.

“When you’re answering the questions and telling your side of things, yes.” Sebastian nodded as he walked Blaine around to the open side of the witness box, “You’ll sit right up here on this pedestal, right next to the judge. Her name is Judge Emilia Barnes, I’ve been in her court before. She’s fair and just and she’ll make sure you aren’t harassed by the lawyers. If she feels it’s something unwarranted she’ll stop the questions and give you a chance to catch your breath.” He opened up the file folder he’d brought in with him flipping through the pictures of the lawyers and jury members to the picture of the judge to show him.” He turned him a little so Biche was facing the open court room where he could see every angle; he stepped away from the stand leaving Binx right next to Biche as he walked over to one of the tables. “Your ex-Master will sit over here at this table with his team of lawyers. Remember he has three people that will sit with him, the two men and the woman. Only one of the men will be allowed to ask you questions, the others will be taking notes for him and helping him come up with his lies for the jury’s sympathy.” He scowled shaking his head as he walked over to the second table that was directly in the line of sight of the stand, “This is where you will sit with the lawyers when you aren’t on the stand. We have our team of three as well, Jameson will be the one asking you questions for us to remind the jury why you’re the one that’s right and your father is the monster here. Whenever you’re up on the stand you just look straight ahead, you don’t have to look at him his people, or the jury. Just look straight ahead.”

The cold hard wood beneath his fingers sent even more shudders along his spine; everything in this room felt cold and harsh which belied the warmth of colors that surrounded them at the moment. At the facility at least they could pretend that they weren’t rooms one would find at a hospital; at least they were warmer than the room that they were currently standing in at that moment. And at that moment, with fear in his heart, it was all Blaine could do to keep from falling to his knees in front of Bastian and begging with every breath in his body to go back to their little rooms. Or better yet, to run back to the music room where he could curl up beneath the piano and lock the door. There they could stay and be safe, there they would be tucked away from the rest of the world and no one else could get them, right? Blaine knew better than most that a wooden door, even a locked wooden door, couldn’t keep his ex-Master from getting to him if he really wanted and that was one of the roots of the golden eyed boy’s fears. Blaine knew that his ex-Master wouldn’t even bat an eyelash at the trial; he knew that that man this whole thing was just a speed bump in the way to get what it was he wanted. And if Blaine was right that meant it was just a bump in the road that ended with him lying on the floor, cold and lifeless. As Blaine looked around the room he could feel a little bit of his soul breaking down. This man that was supposed to have been his father, supposed to have been the man that taught him how to be a good man and shelter and love him as he grew; instead the golden eyed boy must have done something wrong in whatever previous life he had to have been the product of such a cruel man. Not for the first time this day did Blaine wonder if it would have just been better for everyone if he had just died the day his so-called father had smashed his skull. His soul wept as he realized that his Bastian wouldn’t have been in so much pain and stress if his ex-Master had just succeeded in his goals. The younger man wondered if he was being too selfish to want to keep going; what if every day that he was here he just somehow caused another person pain? The thoughts ate away at his soul.

Blaine’s fingers were tangled in the fur at the scruff of Binx’ neck as Bastian steered him to look around the vast chasm that actually was the courtroom. His golden eyes trailed after Bastian as the other man walked over to the vast table diagonally away from him; the table that would hold the very man that was trying to destroy everything about him. That table, along with the group of people sitting behind it, would be the death of him if they won the case. He knew that Bastian would do everything in his power to insure that that didn’t happen, but Bastian was also trapped within the confines of the laws around him; confines that his ex-Master didn’t seem to have. Blaine bit the inside of his cheek as he shifted his gaze to the table that was hopefully going to be his savior in the whole ordeal. This table, according to what his Bastian was saying, was supposed to hold is salvation; the heroes that were there to make sure he didn’t have to forfeit his life to another man’s ownership. As the picture of the judge filled his gaze Blaine tried his hardest to take it all in; for the last couple of days Bastian had been showing him pictures of everyone and giving him names to go along with the faces. There were so many that he wanted to remember in such a short amount of time that it was hard, but Blaine knew that if he could at least pretend to know them then maybe he would have a better chance of feeling at least a little more comfortable in front of all the strangers that would be filling the room. And even though Bastian had told him to look straight ahead while he was on the stand he still wanted to make sure he would know the faces that would be staring at him. “Where…where will you be?” He asked as he looked around the room again, doing everything he possibly could to keep the tears out of his eyes. He was a good boy, he was a strong boy, and being strong meant that he wasn’t going to be shedding any tears this day. None at all. Blaine held Binx tighter against him, scratching behind the dog’s ear before something struck him. “Where will you and Binx be…can-can he stay with me? Even u-up there? Wha-what if he tries to-to hurt him or-or you?!” His heart was pounding in his chest once more as he struggled to quell the panic that was bubbling away beneath the surface; trying to hold back the faint shaking of his hands, or at least trying to hide it in Binx’ fur.

Doomsday Cometh || Seblaine


The day had finally come, there was no more time for going over stories or discussing what Biche should do, wear or how he should sit. The only thing left to do was get Biche accustomed to the courtroom, make him as comfortable as possible in witness box and get him ready for what was to come. The trial was only hours away, and it would be the first time Biche would be face to face with his father in months. Their legal team had gotten permission from the judge to allow them into the court room hours before the trial would begin, to give Biche the chance to adjust to the new space and to go through a couple of practice rounds with the lawyers when it came to being asked questions and being face with strangers who would try to push his buttons. The practice questions would come soon enough, Sebastian’s first priority was getting Biche comfortable and in a head space where he could handle the stresses that were going to be thrown at him—once this trial started there would be nothing Sebastian could do to keep him comfortable and safe. He would only be able sit by and watch, helpless, as Biche faced the man who’d made his life hell. Watch helplessly as that man fought to get custody of him again, a result that would surely result in a fate worse than death.

“Give us some time on our own first, Jameson. I will come and get you when we’re ready to run through the prep work.” The head of their legal team nodded as he handed off his briefcase to one of the other members of the team, “Alright, just remember we have limited time in the court room before the bailiffs will start letting others in. It’s imperative we run the prep sequence before we start to get him ready to talk.” Sebastian sighed, “You don’t have to remind me.” Sebastian grumbled as the lawyer nodded and went to finish last minute consultations with the doctors who would be called on during the process of the trial while he walked over to where he’d left Biche standing with Marco and an anxious Binx. He scratched the top of the dog’s head as he nodded at Marco, “You coming in with us?” Marco shook his head, “Nah I’ve got to run through everything with our security team to make sure they’re at the doors and keeping an eye on you and the kid. I’ll come in with the team when you run prep to help get used to bodies in the seats.” Sebastian nodded, it was a smart plan, and one that Sebastian had worried about himself—the difficulty of getting Biche comfortable with not only lawyers questioning him, but people filling the room all staring at him while he faced it. Sebastian settled a hand on Biche’s back as he walked them to the door of the court room, “Okay love, here we go…remember right now it’s just you and I in the room. It’s bigger than any of the rooms at the center with a lot more windows. We’re up on the second floor so no one from outside will be able to look in, but it’s going to be bright in there once the sun is up fully by the time the trial starts.” Sebastian had already run through all of this with Biche before, but he knew he needed to keep repeating it to prepare him, he gave him a minute to process before he opened the door to the room walking them inside Binx pressed close against Biche’s side head pressing up into his hand. 

Blaine had been virtually silent the entire day; he had dressed in the clothes that Bastian had pulled out in silence, let Bastian carefully gel his curls into submission in silence, and had sat on the bed silently with his face buried in Binx’s side as he waited for Bastian to get ready for the trial as well. Bastian had spoken to him, and when he had asked him direct questions he had answered, but for the most part Blaine had a feeling that Bastian was just speaking because he knew that the golden eyed boy was uneasy. In fact, uneasy was a kind word for the tumultuous feelings that were roiling inside of him. The boy might as well have reverted back into the image of his younger self with how terrified he was. But still he put on a brave face. He didn’t want Bastian to be scared for him; he didn’t want anyone to be scared for him. He could be strong for his Bastian; he was going to try to be strong for his Bastian anyway. The entire ride to the court house had been tense; the atmosphere of the car was damn near electrified as everyone in the car silently rode. And it hadn’t gotten any better when they had finally gotten off of the road and into the building itself. There had been cameras and people all over the place outside and Marco had needed to drive around to the back private garage where they had been dropped off out of the prying eyes of the public and met by Jameson and the other lawyers of the firm. Blaine heart had been beating rapidly in his chest the entire time they had been walking into the building; carefully tucked between Bastian and Marco, with Binx pressed firmly into his side.

Blaine had been lost in his own head when Bastian had finally come back to him from speaking briefly with Jameson. As he settled his hand on his back, the golden eyed boy heard the same words that Bastian had been giving him the last few days. He knew how everything was supposed to go but knowing and actually experiencing it were two completely different things. Blaine wasn’t sure exactly what was going to happen, just what was supposed to happen. And as they walked into the court room Blaine’s entire body started going numb; the cold started creeping into every bit of his body as he looked around at the empty room. It was huge, far bigger than any room at the facility but it wasn’t as big as some of the rooms in his father’s house. He had to wonder, then, why this room terrified him above all others so far? An involuntary shiver ran through his body as he tried to hide in Bastian’s side once the doors were closed; eventually though he was forced to move, forced to make his way up to the box at the very back of the room to see where it was that he would be taking his stand against the monster that had made his life before he met Bastian a living hell. He reached out slowly, as if the wood were to scald him, and ran his fingers over the polished structure. “T-This is where I’m…I’m going to have to sit?” He asked Bastian in a voice so soft that it barely echoed around the room they were standing in. “Wh-where will he-he be sitting?” He asked after he managed to swallow nervously.